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At F7 Pixel, I'm very passionate about 3D design and animation to make some very cool content. F7 Pixel has 19+ years of 3D Graphic design and 7+ years of coding. I've been dabbing here and there with motion graphics, building computers, web design (which I hate btw) and etc, but mostly 3D design, Unity3D & C# and Android java and programming.
Wither you need an animated logo or real-time interaction with a model, F7 Pixel can make it happen. Services include: 2D/3D Graphic Design, animation, graphic stills, product visuals, real-time graphics and 3D live wallpapers for Android OS. F7 Pixel is dedicated to making your project shine. If you like my visual style, then hire me as a freelancer to create your next stunning project!
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