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NCC1701-D Externals Exploration

This is just another extension to the Star Trek project but it need it's own spot. This was one of my hardest hard surface modeling project I made to date. I didn't want to spend more that a week but ended up spending a whole month and even then still needs a little (or a lot) more work.


The ship in view might had been small but man..."Those windows, those windows." Two and a half day to do windows. Yikes! But all said, it was satisfying to see all of them boolean up with the mesh. The ship was designed to be separable but some of the second bridge part on the underside never got finish. Will be sometime!) 

Art direction - Jarvis Bohannon

Design - Andrew Probert


Razer Blade 14 UHD GTX1060 16gb


Maxon Cinema 4D R18 and Adobe Photoshop CS3


Cinema 4D Physical Renderer


1 Month

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