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Star Trek NCC-1701D Internal Exploration

I very much like the all Star Trek series with the favorite of Next Generation, and decided to challenge my self to reworking some of the ship in 3D. It was very fun as when you where watching a show and everything is fast but when you have to focus on one object, pieces of puzzles start to fit together about what's going on, when and where and etc... Gathering resources for modeling was a pain and a joy but once done, crunch time!!  I'm not much of an texture person but I try a bit here and there.  Enjoy!

Art direction - Jarvis Bohannon

Design - Andrew Probert


Razer Blade 14 UHD GTX 1060 16 GB


i7-970  Titan X GPU  8 GB ram  and lot of HD's with no space :)


Cinema 4D R15 and Photoshop CS3


Average Time per scene - Two weeks

(with the exception of the ship - 1 Month) 

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